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Non-Ferrous Metals Recovery

Metcovery has redefined the dross industry.

  • Industry is unchanged since its inception—scrap dealers and end-refiners take up to 60% of byproduct value

  • Dross is sent to international destinations for pure-metal recycling

  • Only your copper value is paid out, and only at 50% of total value 

  • Alloy additions rarely, if ever, count toward total dross scrap market value


Metcovery buys your qualified byproducts for up to 15% more than the scrap market pays

We sell recovered alloy-metal back to you at a discount on the intrinsic value or we can move the ingots on the open market.

Metcovery’s proprietary pyrometallurgical process reduces valuable metal oxides in dross and slag to recover pure metal.

We melt dirt and extract metal alloy!


  • As a dross or slag generator, get properly compensated for valuable elements (e.g., nickel, cobalt, tin) and return them directly to your supply chain

  • Avoid international recycling 

  • Output is a safe, non-leachable glass product, reusable as aggregate filler in concrete manufacturing

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