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Research and Development

Partners Bob Noll and Ian Wiese have a combined 40 years creating industrial equipment, materials, processes, and systems. Experience includes new alloys, large automation projects, and unique melting systems for specialized metals recovery.

Covetic Materials

  • Metcovery is actively engaged in the R&D of a new class of metallic materials that exhibits significantly improved conductivity and strength.

Aluminothermic production of chromium metal

  • Metcovery is meeting a market demand through assisting in the development of the first domestic aluminothermic reactor for the production of carbon-free chromium.

Active pursuit of full reclamation, remediation, and restoration of abandoned mine sites

  • The unique ability of the Metcovery process to extract residual precious metals from various sources allows us to generate significant values while also processing through environmental wastes.

  • Metcovery is actively applying this principle to completely restore a multi-million-ton mine tailings pile in California.

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